Fabio Monzani,

Senior UX/UI Designer


Pod Point

Pod Point is a leading UK provider of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, based in London, England. It provides charging units for home, business and public use.

UX/UI Design

Loki Code

Loki Code is a no code solution for creating, debugging and deploying solidity smart contracts in simple and intuitive way.

Product Design

SAM Labs

SAM Labs is an EdTech company that provides software, hardware and content to teachers, creating the necessary confidence for teaching STEAM and coding to kids.

UX/UI Design Illustrations Web Design Front End Development


ORDERLY is the all-in-one inventory solution to manage every ordering needs for the modern hospitality business.

UX/UI Design Illustrations Web Design Front End Development Branding

Rover Stay Over

Rover Stay Over is a new Sydney based startup for pet lovers and pet owners. Rover Stay Over finds a local trusted sitter to care for your pet while you're away from home.

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Mockreate is a Figma plugin to generate random data quickly to fill tables and designs in general.
With Mockreate you can choose from default datasets, random math and import your custom JSON data.
Get Mockreate

UX/UI Design Front End Development Branding


Cryptofonts is the leading website for beautifil and crisp cryptocurrency webfont, icons and SVG.
Visit Cryptofonts

UX/UI Design Illustrations Web Design Front End Development Branding

Uniswap Unisocks Exchange V2

The Uniswap Exchange is an experiment in tokenized socks.

UX/UI Design Illustrations Front End Development

Turbosquid - Envato - CGTrader

Shaders and materials designer for leading marketplaces like Turbosquid and Envato 3D Ocean grossing more than 10k in sales.

3D Modelling 3D Rendering Materials Photography


I have been designing and developing user experiences and interfaces for over 10 years.
I live and work in London, where I create visuals compelling and user-friendly interfaces, using the latest tools and technologies.
With a background in multiple industries and countries, I am passionate about designing functional products with an eye for details striving to find simple solution for complex problems.
Focused on creating the right solution across all platform and devices aiming to create the best User Experience in response of specific needs.

UX/UI Design Portfolio 2022